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Maronite Youth Organization


 The Maronite Youth Organization is an organization for youth ages 12 – 18, who are interested in growing in their Maronite faith, growing socially with those in the organization, and becoming part of the church and community through the promotion of the Gospel of Jesus Christ through our shared Maronite faith.


 We exist so that our lives may be transformed from the dark of this world to the light of Christ.   We exist to equip each youth member with the tools to live a life reflecting their choice to serve God. And, we exist to use those tools to go back out and impact other lives so that they, too, may begin the process. We develop these three themes within the context of our Maronite Catholic Tradition.


  • Call young people to be disciples of Jesus Christ
  • Draw young people into the life, work, and mission of the Maronite faith community
  • Foster the total personal and spiritual growth of young people
  • Objectives
  • To enable young people to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ
  • To connect young people with the life of the parish community and to make them more visible in parish life
  • To enable young people to know and understand the teachings, traditions and practices of the Maronite Church, deepening their Christian identity
  • To connect young people with caring, believing adult role models
  • To provide young people with service opportunities
  • To provide a safe environment and a place where young people share and grow together in faith, learning more about being Christian Maronite Catholic
  • To develop an intentional outreach to uninvolved and non-practicing youth
  • To involve young people in prayer and worship
  • To enable our young people to become happy, healthy and holy adults.

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