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Church Groups: Youth Ministry

Maronite Young Adults

MYA  Mission

The mission of the MYA is to unite the young adults, support and guide them in their path to personal and spiritual growth, help them expand their knowledge and support their educational and cultural development, encourage fellowship through social and recreational events, and serve the community through evangelization and philanthropic activities.


The MYA strives to fulfill its mission through the work, support, and dedication of every one of its members, as it depends on them to mold and shape the organization and to make it grow and prosper. By engaging in open discussions, lectures, and forums about issues pertaining to young adults, the MYA members will build more knowledge and enrich both their personal and spiritual growth. The MYA also encourages its members to celebrate and promote their heritage and traditions, and to expand their cultural development. All young adults are encouraged to engage in its social and recreational events and activities and to develop meaningful relationships with one another as one community. Each member of the MYA represents the core values of the organization, and it is our duty as Christians to help spread the word and love of God.

The young adults are the bridge of the future and the role models of our youth, and the MYA hopes to be a solid block in the bridge and an inspiration to the youth.

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