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Matthew 28:19-20: "Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. We are all called to spread in every corner of the earth the word of God and to lead our children to live humbly and serve one another according to the teachings of our Church.”

Our Religious Education Catechism Classes are known as among the best in the diocese.  Our focus instructing the Catechism centers on these principles:

  • Teaching the fundamentals and morals of the Maronite Catholic faith
  • Teaching the Maronite Catholic doctrine in a positive and objective manner that encourages discussion and exploration of the faith. 
  • Teaches Maronite Catholic doctrine within the context of the Church’s history and tradition.

In addition, our parent’s and Catechism teachers are committing to instructing our youth on the Four Pillars of the Faith

  1. The Profession of Faith - the Apostles Creed (What we believe)
  2. The Celebration of the Christian Mystery - Liturgy and Sacraments (How we celebrate)
  3. Life in Christ - The Ten Commandments/Christian Morality (How we live)
  4. Christian Prayer - The Lord’s Prayer (A personal relationship with God and how we pray)


Our Catechism classes typically begin in September and end in May of each year.  Catechism not only helps our children grow in love and service to Our Lord, but also prepares them for Holy Eucharist and to be of service to their families, parish and community.

To enroll your child in Catechism, please complete the registration form and turn into the parish office prior to the start of classes in September.   The registration deadline for the current year will be posted on the website.  The registration fee is $100 per child with the third child free.

Director of Religious Education:  Mrs. Manal Akiki

2017 Catechism Teachers

Pre-K & Kindergarten: – Mrs. Suzy Elghoul
Grade: 1 – Mrs. Josette Ishac
Grade: 2 - Mrs. Sola Elters
Grade: 3 – Mrs. Sabeen Chamoun
Grade: 4/5 – Mrs. Elizabeth Zamorano-Gauna
Grade: 6-10 – Mrs. Manal Akiki and Ms. Rita Barakat

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