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Church Groups: Parish Board and Finance Committee

Parish Board and Finance Committee

Parish Council

It is our belief that through Baptism, we are all called upon to serve and carry on the redemptive work of Jesus Christ.  It is through the Spirit of God, instilled in us, that we are called to serve the Church and society according to the gifts given each of us through the spirituality of stewardship.

In accordance with the new Eparchial regulations approved by His Excellency, Bishop A. Elias Zaidan, Bishop of the Eparchy of Our Lady of Lebanon, each Parish is to establish a Parish Council and Finance Committee.

The purpose of the Parish Council is that of a consultative body, whose role it is to advise the pastor in pastoral matters as presented by the pastor.  The council is a participant in pastoral planning, may recommend policies, procedures and programs that aid in the fulfillment of the parish pastoral plan, and may review and evaluate existing programs for their value and effectiveness.

The Parish Council should be representative of all peoples of the parish and reflect the viewpoints of all, regardless of culture, race, gender and age.

On February 17, 2017, Saint Joseph Parish held an election for the new Parish Pastoral Council. These parishioners (in alphabetical order) were elected to serve in an advisory capacity to the Pastor.

                  Mr. Elie Aboujawde - Vice President
                  Mr. George Khalaf
                  Mr. Rawad Massoud
                  Ms. Marie Eid Medawar
                  Ms. Susann Sabbagh

In continued accord with Eparchial regulations, the Pastor of Saint Joseph Parish, appointed the following parishioners to serve on the Parish Pastoral Council:

                  Mr. Monty Coury - President
                  Mr. Joseph Chemali
                  Mr. Olivier Mirza - Secretary
                  Mr. Mark Nahas
                  Mr. Fouad Ashkar

Financial Committee

The Code of Canon Law (Canon 537) states the role of the Parish Finance Committee (Council) is to assist and advise the pastor in overseeing and controlling the financial affairs of the parish.  The Parish Finance Committee is accountable to the pastor who has the responsibility for all final decisions.  If the advice of the Parish Finance Committee is unanimous on a given matter, the pastor will give serious consideration to the recommendation.

Finance Committee Members ae always appointed by the pastor.

                  Mr. Peter Davis - President
                  Dr. Zida El Ghoul
                  Mr. Charbel Abou Antoun
                  Mr. Thomas Assad
                  Mr. Elie Georges

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